Home Inspection 123 - Case Study

The Chellenge

In 60 days, with a detailed and strategic digital marketing campaign, we were able to generate 180 leads at an all-time low cost per lead of $5.54 per lead. Previously, this client was unable to generate a single lead despite of spending a $1000 per week for a period of two months.



How we did it?

This client was using a click funnels landing page with an out-dated design and functionality. We created a landing page for the client and sat up a new Google AdWords campaign for him. We made sure his landing page is optimized to the keywords he is targeting. This helped us achieve a quality score of 9/10 for the keyword. The pre-campaign CPC was $7.25 which we improved to $3.28 post campaign. 

Lead Generated
$ 0
Cost Per Lead

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